Joan of Arc Red Hymen Kit


Joan of Arc Red is the temporary formula to regain your virginity by having fake hymen, without any side effects. Virginity typically represents the condition that a person never had sexual intercourse or shows the sexual inexperience of a woman. In the civilized world along with other traditions and religious aspects, female virginity considers as personal purity, honor, and worth.

What correctly is Joan of Arc Red

A fake virginity solution, that gives your sexual partner the penetration of a virgin girl. Basically, this is an artificial Hymen that you have to put into the vagina.

How it typically works

Basically, it is an artificial l Hymen, which starts its works during sex foreplay or when you got into sexual heat. It is an ordinary phenomenon that when you got sexually heated your vagina starts getting wet by the secretions. It starts dissolving with the secretions and makes a gelatinous mass and binds rapidly, which makes your partner feel tight. Similarly, at the time of penetration, and by the penis friction, the red color starts distributed in the form of blood, not just over the vagina but also the partner penis.

Possible advantages of Joan of Arc Red

Following are the remarkable advantages that represent the importance of Joan of Arc Red, that helps to regain the virginity immediately.

  • The feel of the tight vagina like an engaged virgin woman
  • Non-toxic blood shows your virginity.
  • Easy to use with fast results
  • Fluids creation that covers your vagina
  • Help you to present natural virginity.
  • No Gynecological surgeries and pain

How to use

  • Firstly take the bath before getting into sex for the cleanliness of the vagina. Use secretly 10 to 15 minutes before getting into sex.
  • Secondly, after opening the foil packet, take the fake hymen and immerse it into the water for a second.
  • Thirdly, directly put carefully into your vagina with the help of the forefinger or middle finger.
  • Always keep in mind that the more precisely you place, the more natural it will seem.
  • Finally, after having sex, wash your vagina carefully.

Necessary precautions

  • Store the Joan of Arc Red at the cool, dry place.
  • Never use Joan of Arc hymen if you have genital pain.
  • Although all of the active ingredients are natural, if you have an allergy then do not use them.
  • Do not use Joan of Arc Red, if you have plans to get pregnant, breastfeeding, do not try it if you are with menstruating periods.
  • Don’t use it 15 to 20 minutes before having sex otherwise it may not works properly.
  • Always wash your vagina after having sex. Or not let that remain in your vagina for the long term.

Side effects

This fake hymen is fully harmless as it is composed of natural ingredients such as natural albumin, cellulose with red powder. Therefore it is 100% natural, so no effect on your vaginal health and your partner’s genital area.


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