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Bodyweight performs an important role in the personal appearance of the mortal body. The
fewer body inches we have on our body organs, the more beautiful and charms represents by
our body figure. However, unfortunately, obesity is a global problem, now these days.
According to research, about 13% of the world’s adult population is suffering from obesity (11%
of men and 15% of women). Obesity doesn’t just cause the ugliness of our figure but also leads
to some severe diseases. For example cardiovascular disease, strokes, elevated blood
pressure, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and fatty liver disease, etc.


Dr. James Slimming Gold Capsule, known as Laxative Capsule, is manufacture with fully herbal
ingredients, helps you to discard the useless fat in your body. And as a result give you a
suitable charming figure, in a natural way, without any hard work out and long-term diets.
Peculiar advantages:
The company claims to be the reduction or high weight loss of 12 to 15 kg per month. These
fats reducing capsules help you to get a slim and smart youthful figure by giving you the

following advantages;

● Reduce the accumulation of fatty acids.
● Reduce the excessive fluids from the body.
● Lower the cholesterol level in your body.
● Reshape your ugly body into a charming and attractive sexy figure.
● Helps you to maintain digestion and in the burning process of calories.
● Its unique formula helps you to gain smooth and tight skin.

Side effects:

Although all of the ingredients consist of 100% natural supplements, therefore no harmful side
effects reported by the users, except mild stomach pain and diarrhea which results in terrible
However, like other medicines, along with their remarkable advantages, it also has some
negative side effects represented by some researches. For example, Liver damage, Kidney
failure, Rhabdomyolysis (results in the fast deterioration of muscle tissue and the releasing
process of protein into the bloodstream). Gastrointestinal damage (changes in gastrointestinal
function and severe pancreatic loss).
So please consult your doctor before taking this.


● Take only one capsule with a glass of plain water, after heaving the meal, two times a
● For best result, try to use in the evening time or before going to bed.
● For better results avoid oily food or high-fat meals. In the same way, reduce the amount
of sugar in your diet.
● Try to do some workouts while taking this medicine, as it helps you to burn your calories.

Useful precautions;

● This medicine is strictly prohibited to children and pregnant women.
● Use as oral medicine only, according to the prescription of your personal doctor.
● If you are self-treating yourself, then must follow all the instructions on the product label
or leaflet.
● Do not use for more than three months consecutively.


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