SUPER VIGA A man’s sexual power is proved by his penis erection and long-term sexual endurance. Both of
these aspects able a man to satisfy his partner completely in a sex bed.
However, unfortunately, a lot of men are suffering from sexual disabilities that result in
disappointment in man. Moreover, an extreme embarrassment in front of the sexual partner. For
example penis erectile dysfunction or ED (A condition by which man is not able to gain and
sustain a penis erection) and premature ejaculation or PE (a condition by which a man ejaculate
in less than 2 minutes)
On the other hand, sexual disabilities have long-term treatment, as well as a temporary but
the rapid solution, present in form of SUPER VIGA 350000 SPRAY.

What is SUPER VIGA 20000 SPRAY?

A desensitizing spray that temporarily reduces the sensitivity of the penis and its numbing effect
increases the time of ejaculation.

Super Viga Advantages;

This sex booster spray going to let your sex drive experience to the next level by offering you
the following advantages.
● A sound control over ejaculation
● Firm solid penis erection
● Increase sexual stamina.
● Long last sexual timing
● Imported Sprays
● Increase sexual ejaculation.
● The long term expiration date of up to 4 years

How Super Viga works;

So This desensitizing spray is an aerosol spray, which is a solution of the topical anesthetics
lidocaine and prilocaine (that give a numbing effect). Similarly, this numbing effect nourishes the
skin of penis nerves that trigger ejaculation. And as a result, give you extended control over
ejaculation or delay ejaculation.
Always use this spray 10 to 15 minutes before getting into sex or during foreplay. Because this
time, typically allows the spray ingredients to reach into the penis nerves and take effect.

How to properly use Super Viga;

● Firstly wash your penis completely.
● Secondarily, apply 2 sprays of Super Viga your penis, 10 to 15 minutes before sexual
● Thirdly apply the spray on the whole penis especially on the head region, with the help of
the forefinger.
● Finely but more importantly use Super Viga every time for better results.
● After use gently washed or wiped your penis with a clean cloth.

Side effects;

Just like every medicine Super Viga also has some mild side effects, although it is a relatively
low-risk medicine.
• Hardening or desensitizing of partner vagina.
• Mild rash on the skin
• May cause irritation or itching
• Burning sensation
• Excessive numbness
• penetrative sex
So Anyways if any of the symptoms occur or persist for a long time, must consult your doctor.

Necessary precautions;

• Never use this spray on broken, irritated, or sensitive skin.
• Its use must be followed by your doctor’s prescription.
• So Put all the medicines away from the possible reach of children.


In conclusion, Super Viga spray is a temporary delay spray that assists those with Premature
ejaculation and penis dysfunction. It is a relatively low-risk option. Therefore must give it a try, if
you want to get more sexual pleasure with a hard erect long penis for an extended time.


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