SUPER VIGA is delay spray for man is aggressively going to give you a fantastic long timing sexual drive.
Not just last timing but a prominent control over ejaculation. Therefore, it’s the formula for those
who want to full fill the desperate desires of their partner till her pleasurable orgasm.
Moreover, if you are genuinely worried related to your sexual timing on a bed, or in other words,
not able to satisfy your and more importantly your sexual partner then, this particular H.S.
DAVID GMBH HAMBURG-Germany product in the form of spray is formulated for you.

Remarkable benefits of SUPER VIGA 350000 SPRAY;

● Long last sexual timing
● Best treatment of premature ejaculation
● It is incredibly easy to use and wipe.
● Its use is fully non-toxic, to your flaccid penis as well as Harmless to your partner’s
● Give you a Solid hard penis erection.

Working of SUPER VIGA 350000 SPRAY;

This desensitization spry is recommended by the doctors to the patients of premature
ejaculation. Or for those who do not have control over ejaculation. In actuality, this extra
dynamic spray contains vitamin E which deeply nourishes and promotes the energy of cells.
Similarly, the enhancement in cellular energy results in a long-term erection.
Its well-researched ingredients convey you a numbing effect over your penis that helps in long
last erection timing. This is a common formula that is routinely used in the long last endurance


● More than required or improper use against recommendations may cause numbness
over your penis, in this condition must consult your doctor for medical treatment.
● Never use this spray if you have myasthenic gravis, epilepsy, impaired cardiac condition,
● In case of any skin allergy or rash discuss with your doctor.

How to use SUPER VIGA 350000 SPRAY;

● Its personal use and amount vary from person to person or sensitivity levels but the
company recommended the following use.
● It is merely recommended to take a bath before getting into sex, and specifically, wash
and clean your penis for better results.
● Its use is extremely direct, as you nothing but have to spray few puffs over your penis.
● Massage a little bit with the help of a forefinger and cover the whole penis.
● Wash your private part and dispose of it away properly after experiencing sex.

Mild Side effects;

● It may cause a rash or skin allergy to your penis.
● It may cause temporary loss of sensitivity in the penis, which results in critical problems
in gaining o or attaining penis erection during sex.
● Skin problems such as burning sensation.
● The overuse of any delay spray may cause numbness.

Preventive measures;

● Put all of your used medicines away from the children. Even this medicine is strictly
prohibited to members having the ageless than 18.
● Use carefully and avoid the intact with eyes.
● Put all the used medicines in an average temperature and weather otherwise, its
chemical formula may be radically changed.


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