Procomil Longtime Delay Spray


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Procomil 15ml longtime Delay Spray

PRODUCT INFORMATION; This product is essential for married men. Married men can use this product and enjoy the best intercourse in life.THIS product is mainly used by men to increase intercourse timing. this spray is very useful and makes your time long-lasting. once used you can have sex over five times without any hesitation. this spray gives you satisfaction. It gives you the ability to keep going longer and harder. premature ejaculation is mainly an issue in many men but using this spray uh can reduce the issue of premature ejaculation. this spray is recommended to everyone who has difficulty in achieving full sex and has difficulty intercourse. the difficulty is usually premature ejaculation. this spray is odor and tastes free so your partner won’t be able to tell you to have it on it.


Spray twice to the head of the penis and wait for ten minutes and after ten minutes you will be in action. IF you feel any kind of sensation by using this spray just ignore it because of staring subside within a minute. You can also spray this to your palm and massage your penis. it lasts about 35 to 45 minutes depending on the dosage of spray. and as you experiment, you will soon discover the ideal number of spray that makes the perfect night. after all not all couples like to go longer. But some couples like to go on and on.


  • This spray makes your intercourse effective and powerful.
  • Procomil spray gives you a great sexual sensation.
  • it works fast and you are ready in 6 to 12 minutes.
  • The success rate of this spray is so high that you can remain in bed as long as you want.
  • Men last more than 69 percent longer in bed while using Procomil spray.
  • Virtually there is no transfer of this spray to your partner.
  • This spray helps men and their partners prolong the pleasure for longer-lasting sex.
  • SO this spray gives you the best value for sex.
  • This spray prevents spread across the penis and only act on the targeted area.
  • By using this spray you can have sex 20 times longer than previously.
  • Procomil spray is best for men because it makes the penis bigger, harder and longer.
  • You can satisfy your lucky lady and give her multiple orgasms by using this ultra best spray.


Don’t use this spray without the permission of the doctor.  If you have any kind of heart issues,  don’t use this spray. Although, there is no side effect of this spray as you know safety comes first.  use this spray if any doctor or professional suggests you.  This spray is highly recommended to married men if they have any sort of sexual tension or if they have any bad experience of having intercourse.  


This spray is available all over Pakistan and you can order from any area or city. Order will be at your door within a week.


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