Levitra 20mg 4 Tablets Pack


Levitra is a medicine used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, mainly in older men. Erectile dysfunction is a condition or disability by which getting and then keeping an erection in the penis is difficult or in serious conditions almost impossible. At the minimum four in ten men have difficulty finding or maintaining the erection at some point. Firstly, caused by physical disorders like dead tissues in the penis. Secondly psychological problems like continuous mental stress. Thirdly but more important it may be the result of both psychological and physical. Whatever the cause, due to changes in muscles and blood, there is not the proper flow of blood in the penis result in embarrassing condition for man. Where neither the man himself nor his partner gets the satisfying results in further relation problems.

How Levitra works

Levitra produces its proper result only when one is sexually active. Mainly, it performs a role in the secretion of specific hormones that not just reduces the stress level but on top gets you enough libido for a perfect sexual drive. Hydrochloride trihydrate salt plays its role along with other ingredients to regulate the blood flow along in the corpus cavernosal, penis tissues help in the expansion of the penis in form of a hard and big penis erection.

Why Levitra

Levitra gives the penis firm erection hardness like rock hardness along with sexual stamina. Similarly, This formula helps to produce a sharp flow across the penis by expanding the vassals, results in a firm erection. That’s take your confidence to next level, in the sex bed.


  • Firm erection of the penis
  • enhance penis shape.
  • Long last sex timing
  • boost stamina

How to use and dose

Key points while taking Viagra
Necessary precautions
Side effects


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